Popular Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is This a eCommerce Platform?

Answer – It’s is location based Marketplace for Connect Buyers and Sellers in Same City.

Q. Can I sell my Product across India using this Platform.

Answer – No, You Can sell in your City

Q. How Delivery my Product?

Answer – There are 2 Option

01. Self Delivery – If you are from small city under 10 km area than you can deliver your product by yourself within 24 hours.

02. ASOPrime delivery franchise – If our Product delivery franchise available in your city than you can tie up with ASOPrime Delivery partner.

Q. How to become a seller

Answer – Create a Vendor Account >> Login in your Account >> Add New Product .

Q. How Log time to Activate Seller’s Account

Answer – Your seller account activate within 24 hours in Working days and 48 hours in non working days.

Q. Maximum time for deliver a product?

Answer – Maximum 24 hours for small city.

Q. Seller can cancel any Customer’s order?

Answer – Yes, if customer select wrong city than seller will be cancel your order.

Q. Costumer can check product before pay

Answer – Yes, Seller can ask Delivery person to show product by open or check Electronics product before make payment.

Q. Can a seller take online payment from costumer.

Answer – Yes, at delivery time, No Prepaid payment will be accept from this portal.

Q. Can I charge Taxes or shipping extra.

Answer – No, Your product price must have include all expensive include taxes and shipping.

Q. ASOPrime take commission from Vendor’s sell.

Answer – No, we not charges any commission from your sell.

Q. Will ASOPrime Responsible if delivery product by ASOPrime Delivery Franchise.

Answer – No, ASOPrime and ASOPrime Delivery Franchise are Different. Here ASOPrime is Marketplace for show product detail and accept orders. Our ASOPrime Delivery Franchise responsible for deliver a product or return product to seller.

ASOPrime and ASOPrime Delivery Franchise both are Separate in Responsibility, Billings, Taxes, Management, rules and regulation. As soon as you create a costumer or vendor/ Seller account on ASOPrime.com you are agree with ASOPrime Marketplace only. If a seller wants to take service from our delivery franchise than contact with your cite’s ASOPrime delivery franchise.

Q. Who will be responsible?

Condition 1 – ASOPrime.com never ask online payment to process order. If a customer direct pay to any seller or Delivery Franchise than customer will be responsible.

Condition 2 – Customer need to check guarantee/warranty before make order and check defective or wrong product before make payment at delivery time. If a product not checked by customer at delivery time than customer will be responsible.

Condition 3 – If a customer get fake or duplicate copy of branded product than Seller will be responsible and all action will be take by that city Delivery Franchise for customer satisfaction.

Condition 4 – If a product broken or lost in the way before reach customer or returning time before reach seller than Delivery Franchise or Courier service provider will be responsible.

Note – If a seller using self delivery mode than seller will be responsible for customer satisfaction. If a customer cheated by Seller or Delivery Franchise than ASOPrime reserved right to take legal action against that seller as well as ASOPrime delivery Franchise or courier service provider.